Twitter App Nightmares


Why is the customer service from Twitter so bad.
I have never gotten a real answer to a question
Once again they have suspended an app I had setup and the only reasons I have ever gotten from them is a vague answer that I have broken a rule and I need to fix it before they will reinstate the app.
The is never a clearly defined reason and as far as I can tell I am not breaking any of the rules

What we do is send tweets out from a database for our members , that should be a no brainer
What we found out a few days ago is that any Tweet with a hashtag in it was being blocked because of possible spam.
So we started sending them out without any hashtags

The other app ( suspended at the very same time ) was one that retweeted back when someone retweeted the member
once again know idea how that is breaking the rules

Many companies out there do the same thing , HootSuite for example sends out tweets for its members from their database.
RoundTeam clearly violates the rules by using a search to Retweet ( yes that is one of the rules)

How are we ever supposed to comply when know one can or will give us a way to do it.

I am at a total Loss
I have had accounts at Twitter for years now and Twitter really does not seem to care at all about its members or small app developers

What a shame , it seems that it is time to have another company step up to the plate and do what Twitter does , only better



Have you filed a ticket at


Yes I have filed support tickets thus what I wrote above