Twitter App is "Restricted from performing write actions" - URGENT



Ref AppID: 14715344
We have internal corporate website, where we allow user to post tweet on their account (intergrated via Twitter APIs using Twitter SDKs)
Recently, Twitetr has restricted the ‘Twitter App’ from performing Write Actions. This disables our application and impact us with the current live application.

We would like to remove this restrcition and get it working as expected. Can I request you to please advise and connect to the appropriate authorty to address/resolve this issue as soon as possible?

On your confirmation, I can provide all the necessary details about the Twiter application to you.



Please see this post Spam URL, app or account restricted, account verification? READ THIS FIRST


Thanks we’ve completed the account restricted form in the link above, is there someone we can speak to about this to expedite this decision being reversed? Or can you advise on an alternative way to fix the issue.

This is an in production situation for International Women’s Day today March 8 - we need to know specific steps how to resolve the problem.


If you’ve completed the form linked in the FAQ post, then your request will be handled as soon as possible (assuming that you respond to any emails as directed). I note that you mentioned that your APP is restricted, so make sure you follow the instructions related to apps, not to accounts. We cannot assist further via these forums.

In the meantime, we’d encourage you to check our policy notices on the developer forums, most recently those related to automated replies, aggressive following, and multiple applications for the same use case, in case any of these are related to your use of the platform.