Twitter app from local to production - cursors


I have a twitter api based app which makes calls to friends list ( in chunks of 200 where i pass next_cursor into subsequent calls. In total there are 8 calls before i get to the end where it returns a next_cursor of 0.

This works fine when i have it on my local development machine, but as soon as i upload it to my production server, it is only making it as far as the 1st call (cursor value of -1) to the api where it returns 200 friends with a next_cursor of zero.

I have created a new app within my account and updated api keys but the problem still exists.

Does anyone have an idea as to what would cause this?

The app is built in PHP (Laravel). It is using twitter api v1.1.

The only difference is that the production server is running off a subdomain (.e.g BUT i havent setup an A record within the dns settings yet as i want to test it all before making it live so i have updated my local HOSTS file.