Twitter App cards


I would like to use the Twitter App card to promote my App (once it is launched). Could someone please tell me how to go about it? Where do i have to paste the HTML code, is it in my App, or on my website?


You need to add the Twitter Card tags to the HTML code on a web page, then tweet that URL out.

Our system will cache the Card information from your site and show the Card when others view that tweet.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Hi, Ryan
Thanks for the reply! When i try to preview a card i am getting an error which reads ‘invalid card type’. Is this because I haven’t added the HTML code? Can i only preview what a card would look like only after adding the code?


Hi Holidays,

Yes, the validator can only be used against a website with the tags already on it.

If you’re in testing mode, you could alternatively set up a Blogger or another blog account, get it whitelisted, add tags to a blog post and run that through the validator.

This will help you iterate before sending to your web team, if that’s an issue.



Hi Ryan,
Thanks a lot for the help!