Twitter App Card


When creating an app card type it says the domain hosting the HTML is not approved, however the Request Approval button is disabled. What is the process to get a domain approved?



Same problem here. How do you get you domain approved if the request Approval button is disabled?


Just wondering do you guys have home page for twitter card already approved?


If the ‘Request Approval’ button is greyed out, first ensure that all of the required fields are populated. If those fields are all populated, and the field is still greyed out, please pass along an example URL that is seeing this issue and we’ll investigate.





We are having the same problem, the fields are filled out but the button is still grayed out. if you try only it is approved as summary since we havent manage to make the button become enabled if we set is as “app”. Any suggestions?


Hi Sean, i’m having the same issue for an ‘app’ card, All green but the approval link is greyed out.


same issue here with:


Sorry about that. Please try again.




Hi! Could you please also review at our test domain: All fields are present however request approval button is greyed out.

Thank you!


Hi GetZeel,

Can you be sure to include US as the country tag?


Hi Ryan,

This was added but card validator still does not seem to be working or able to approve.



When I run through validator, I get this:

Invalid value

Make it id621692160 and try again.