Twitter app card with media



I’ve just noticed that app cards are not displayed if the tweet contains a media. Is there something to do on the card definition to enable this or is that a bug / feature?





It isn’t a bug! This is just the way things work. The Tweet can only have one associated object on display, so in the case of the media it will take precedence of display of the Card.


Ah, too bad. Is there any plans to enable this?

That’s frustrating for a photo/video app to not display any media with an app card.

I guess I can enable deep linking with Universal Deep Linking, but would be cool though to have both (media + app-card) to display the “install” button for those who don’t have the app.


No current plans to have more than one additional piece of content (media vs Card) displayed.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that twitter supports outbound “Universal Deep Linking” yet.

Andy am I wrong?


Not currently Ios9 Universal Linking Support :-/