Twitter App Card Customizations


I am working on a Twitter Card implementation for a customer and they are an international company with multiple versions of the same app but each with different Geo Restrictions. More specifically there is a version of the app for US, one for Canada and one for International. Is there a way GEO target multiple app IDs and have the Twitter App serve up the appropriate App download based on GEO?

I looked at the App Card docs and saw that the twitter:app:country exists, but the documentation makes it seem like its an either/or, not that you can specify multiple App IDs tied to countries and have the Twitter client detect country and display from this list of App IDs.

Can you help us confirm how this property works and if you support us supplying multiple different apps in the metatags and that the Twitter client would understand this. So the approach we would take if Twitter supported this, we would:

Configure different iPhone, iPad, Android App IDs per country, put a list of all of the configured App IDs into the metatags for the Twitter bot to read, then expect that the Twitter app would do a geo lookup on the user and serve the appropriate App ID based on the GEO.

Note too that there would be a US, CA and Other app ID provided…is there a way to provide blanket GEO but then have US or CA override this?

Thanks in advance,