Twitter apis with jmeter


i m trying to use twitter post apis using jmeter testing framework…but i ran into some problem please help me out how to do it?,how can i use retweet apis in jmeter??


Thanks for getting in touch with us here. Can you tell us a bit more about your use case and maybe provide some sample code? Which endpoints are you trying to hit?

Thanks again!


i m trying to retrive tweets from the celebrity accounts with APIs using testing framework “jmeter”
.how can i use twitter APIs in jmeter to post retrive and engage with post?


Thanks for following up here.

Could you provide the code you are entering into jmeter, with any passwords or sensitive information removed?

You might want to check out some of our getting started resources, this getting started guide on search tweets and Twurl might also be a good fit to help you get started.


this is http request for twitter user home timeline APIs in jmeter


this is http header in this authorization section


image deleted
i want to call this request in http head authorization section ,how can i create this request ?,i have created twitter app which is provide me consumer key and access token,how can igenrated all of the above for this test plan in jmeter

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