Twitter API V1.1 search/tweets.json response not returning all tweets


I am using this query string to get tweets:

It returns tweets having user id appended in text. I want to get all the latest tweets and retweets from given user id.

e.g. I want to get all tweets for @AXA_Ireland and there is a tweet having text for 2nd August by this same id :
Thunder and Lightning reported in the midlands and outskirts of Dublin. Any in your area?

It does not come up while I tried to get tweets from this user, rather it returns all other tweets having @AXA_Ireland in there text.

Basically it does not return tweet created by this user.

Can any one tell me what type of tweet actually return in this api response?



The Search API isn’t really meant to be an exhaustive source for tweets. If you’re looking for tweets by a specific user, it’s best to use the statuses/user_timeline API to retrieve their tweets instead. Not all tweets get indexed by the Search API and made available for search.



Thanks Tom for clarification. I have found a way to do this using search api.
I have changed my search query to OR from:gathering

It is returning results all results, but there is still one case. Now it is returning all tweets having word gathering in them. But in search documentation (
from:gathering return all tweets from user @gathering. It should not return tweets containing word gathering, else it should return tweets from user @gathering.

Could you please explain what is happening in this case?


for that you need to write

It will give all tweets from user gathering