Twitter API v1.1 full support in Clojure 'twitter-api'


Hello all,

I’m happy to announce that the twitter-api library for Clojure now fully supports the Twitter v1.1 API, including REST and Streaming resources.

We’d love to get feedback and testing from the community. We’re using this library at Little Bird for our main interface with Twitter, and it’s been solid for us in our extensive testing.



Dear All

right now i am facing problem during authentic on android devices. this problem started after using new Api1.1 twitter sdk(twitter 4j library).

I am getting this exception in logcat. No authentication challenges found.

if any one have solution of this problem then tell me.

Thanks in advance…


I am having trouble with API v1 asking to migrate to API v1.1, can someone guide me where to find the required jar files and changes required in the code where its failing as per the new methods in v1.1 version:
Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getOAuthAuthorizedInstance(consumerKey, consumerSecret,accessTokenNew);
Status status = twitter.updateStatus(tweetMessage);

Thanks in advance for assistance!


I am facing trouble with API v1 asking to migrate to API v1.1, can someone guide how to migrate to API v1.1.
ConsumerSecret, AccessToken.Token, AccessToken.TokenSecret)


Hi Mady,
Did u get any solution.


Nice a work at all…