Twitter api url confusion


Hi, I’m using Abraham’s twitteroauth library for php. On a fresh download, the api url is set to But as I understand it, this is the recently retired API v1 correct? I’m not so sure, because I’m still able to make requests with this url just fine.

In fact, I’ve tried changing the url to, and I cannot successfully complete any requests, GET or POST. I get “Bad authentication data”, code 215.

Would love some help understanding this, thanks.


API v1 is deprecated but not yet retired – that’s why you’re still able to make requests to it. Time’s running out though.

API v1 is much looser with OAuth and HTTP – API v1.1 is stricter. Verify that all the keys you’re using are valid and that your server clock is sync with Twitter’s. (Check the Date HTTP header in our responses)


Thanks for the info, I’ll check into it.