Twitter API stream follow parameter



I have created a node.js file that users the framework TWIT

I am wanting to stream twitter api and receive every tweet that has is tweeted from a user called @SharkMateApp . I am then wanting to console.log this tweet.

I have done some research and apparently the parameter that i am needing is called “follow”. This is what twitter says about it:-

A comma-separated list of user IDs, indicating the users whose Tweets should be delivered on the stream. Following protected users is not supported. For each user specified, the stream will contain:

Tweets created by the user.
i have attempted to do this by running the code below but it has been quite difficult to figure out where to declare the user_id. I am really needing an answer with sample code

var T = new Twit(config);

var users = (id = [155617721, 795877865988313089])

var stream =‘statuses/filter’, { follow: users })

stream.on(‘tweet’, function (tweet) {