Twitter Api : search users get 220



Hello I’m trying to make an autocomplete search with twitter api
but i’m getting a 220 code !

Url :
Request type : GET
Query : q=brow


Are you sure it’s a 220 code? It’s not one listed by Twitter as being in use.


Hi i think its listed well :

public ‘message’ => string ‘Your credentials do not allow access to this resource’ (length=53)
public ‘code’ => int 220

Please help me to by pass this


Is there any solution to this so far?
I have the same problems with the REST API.
I can access the API with commands like
but if I send I’ll receive this response:

“{“errors”:[{“message”:“Your credentials do not allow access to this resource”,“code”:220}]}”

Thanks in Advance


That query works fine for me - what code are you using? Can you reproduce this using twurl?