Twitter Api returning 131 internal error


When am trying to share an article in twitter using twitter Api, it returned :{“errors”:[{“code”:131,“message”:“Internal error”}]}.What could be the reason for this?This is happening for few posts.How can i handle it?when i retry the same post posts are happening.When i retry the same post is post will happen successfully for all the posts failed with this error ?if that is the case how much time i should give for retry?


Just to understand:

  • Sometimes, when you try to Tweet a status containing a URL via statuses/update, a 131 error is returned.
  • When you retry with the same status and URL, the Tweet is posted successfully.

Is that correct? or are certain URLs always causing an error such that they are unable to be posted?

Error 131 is a generic internal service error so it is likely to just be a temporary issue. If this happens for specific URLs every time, it may be that there is another issue.


Am trying to share post contains url via status/update ,it is returned 131 error,when i retry the same post tweet is posted.So when ever 131 error occurs am retrying the posts,on retrying postings are happening for few posts and some posts are failing.for the failed posts when i again posted they are posted i need to give any time delay,what could be the reason for it?how can i handle it?