Twitter API rate Limit issue


We are affected because of Today’s API rate limit change. our 100K users share 10000+ tweets a day and now its all failing.

We are already a Developer. I am confirming this because we are able to create a new app in

We already have applied for higher API rate limit and we believe we already get the higher rate limit as we are not seeing elevated POST limits option in request form.

Can anyone please confirm whats wrong with this? Our tweets are rejeted with the error message “User is over daily status update limit”



I am in the same conditions


We are having the same issue.


me too.

I asked to raise the post rate limit twice.

However, without any reply, today
“New POST endpoint rate limits implemented today”.

I got an e - mail with content of saying.
It is as written below.

What should I do?
Help me.


@socialpilot_co - I believe our agents are reviewing your case now.

@bookworm6289 - I will double check with our agents to see what is going on with your application.

@PownderRene @okwsjp - I’m not seeing that you have applied for elevations yet. Please do so by following our instructions listed in this announcement.


thankyou @LeBraat

My development account is hostsweetcom.

im forgot app field

" Tell us how this app will be used (required) "

I have applied today and applied again.
Is this OK with that?


We have received your application and will review it as soon as possible.



thankyou verymuch ! im wait.


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