Twitter api problem with firefox, chrome etc


It seems like twitter API has some problems regarding the browsers like firefox and chrome. The line below works fine in Internet Explorer and I can bind and display a “Connect with Twitter” button in the div. When it comes to firefox or chrome binding fails and button not displayed.

I have created a page trying to figure out the problem. this page has only a div, nothing else. And I have a .js file with only a single function in it that I call in the “onload” event of the page “body”.

script is below:

function bindConnectButton() {
twttr.anywhere(function (T){

this works in IE and Connect with Twitter button is displayed in place of the “divToBind” div.
not working in firefox, chrome, opera.
when I trace the script in firebug it says “T is not defined”.

Can you help me out with this issue please


removed the above function and call to it in “onload” event of the body.
added below lines to the external .js file. nothing changed. works in IE, not others.

$(document).ready(function () {
twttr.anywhere(function (T) {

(firefox version is 3.6.20)

upgraded firefox to 5.0.1 still no luck.
same problem applies to “followButton()” as you can imagine.


Hi @serdarosmanonur,

I’ve tested the following snippet of HTML in a number of browsers and have the buttons rendering fine. Can you share a bit more on how your page is structured? How compliant is the remainder of your HTML?



Copied your code into an empty htm document and I am still having the same problem. when I try I just can’t get it to work on firefox or chrome.
have you tried it with current firefox version? I will deploy that code in a htm file and give the link here.



I have just tried you link in FF6 and I can see the buttons no problem. Here is a screenshot:-


Hi @episod,

the ‘Follow’ Button that appears when clicking the link below is exactly what I am after for my own website, where do I find it & the code?

Do I need to have a @Anywhere domain?




could you try the following link and see if you can see the buttons? I don’t know what is goin on but I can not see them using my browsers which are latest firefox, chrome and opera.
Works on IE 8.

edit: ok, I switched to my old laptop and everything seems to work. even with older versions of firefox.
Seem like problem is specific to my current laptop and/or some settings on it. I will let you know when I figure it out.



You are going to need to request “anywhere.js” with a valid ID (please see the page source here: ). When you click the folow button, it will open up a login page, when you hit “connect” on this page it will try to redirect you to a page specified or by default to the same page. This page has to be authorized by the application that is defined by the “key” (or ID value I have mentioned above) otherwise follow action will fail(you can see how it fails to follow by trying on the page in the link ı just provided). So you will need to get this app key from twitter.


@episod ,
I might have figured it out. It might be about the OS architecture. When you try the above link on 64-bit win7 using browsers such as chrome, firefox, opera the buttons will not load. When you click the link in 32-bit Win 7 using the same browsers the buttons will load.

Could you confirm?


I’ll introduce this notion to the engineering team and we’ll go from there. Thanks for all the details!


So you have confirmed the problem?
I will be looking forward to hear from you guys about this problem.



I don’t have the environmental necessities to personally confirm the problem but we’ll look into it. Have you considered using Web Intents or the Follow Button instead of @Anywhere?


I need @Anywhere to let the visitors login and tweet thru my app if they want to.


Have you had any chance to dig into this issue yet?


So, you have not?


Still waiting on this :frowning:


The bug is filed but I have no ETA for a fix. I will ask the engineers and developers to prioritize.


I believe It should be quite important for you guys too.




Tried with firefox 6.0.2. still the same problem. If you try to navigate to this page you can see the buttons loading in 32-bit win 7, but they are not loaded in 64-bit win 7.

In firebug it says “ReferenceError: T is not defined” for the line “twttr.anywhere(function (T) { …” while T is defied with all the functions like signIn(), User(), one() etc. when debugged on Internet Explorer 9.


Seems like issue is fixed and seems it was fixed by making some part of twitter API go SSL. And that was what I was suspicious about anyway.