Twitter API Policy Support unresponsive?



I recently submitted two inquiries to Twitter API Policy Support — one last week, and the other yesterday — and haven’t yet received any indication that my requests were received. Is this typical? I was expecting a confirmation email at first, but when one didn’t arrive I figured that I should just wait for a response. After a week of waiting, I conceded the possibility that I may have made an error submitting the form, and tried again. What is the expected wait time for Twitter API Policy Support inquiries? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process?

Ameen Soleimani




Hi Ameen, I apologize for the delay in response. It looks like someone from Platform Ops just responded earlier this morning. Be sure to check your spam filters. Let me know if you don’t find it!



I just checked my email (and spam/social/etc…) and didn’t see a response. Could you forward the message directly to my email?


Hey Ameen and Aaron, i posted a question in this forum a few weeks ago and i’m still waiting on a reply. i understand if twitter support are busy but it seems the other questions that have been asked on this forum after my question have all been answered and replied to.

i wanted to leave it and wait a bit longer for a reply but i feel it will get forgotten about and never get a response unless i follow it up.

Help would be greatly appreciated,



Hi Sam, I’m still waiting for a response as well. Aaron said that someone from Platform Ops responded to my inquiry last week, but I didn’t find it in my inbox or spam filter, nor did I receive a response to my post about not finding it.