Twitter API Policy Support Ticket Issues


Hey everybody,

My account has been suspended from writing actions.

I am trying to complete a ticket to raise this but I am unable to enter my email at the bottom of the ticket. When i get down to twitter name and email the pointer has a grey circle with arrow through it. As a result I can’t submit my ticket.

Any suggestions would be great,



P.S I have a feeling I will kick myself when I get my answer!


Is this an an account or an application issue? If this is an app issue, you should be able to use the form at to raise a ticket, but you must make sure that the account you use to raise the ticket matches the one that owns the app you are reporting. The Twitter name and email address shown on the form will be the ones matched from the logged-in Twitter account, and cannot be edited manually.

If this is an account issue, we are unfortunately not able to help you here are these forums are only for developer platform questions.


Hey Andy,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Not sure what the issue was, but getting my different twitter accounts mixed up is the prime suspect. I logged out of everything and back in and was able to submit my ticket,

Thanks again,