Twitter API policy abuse



Hello, I found an Application that asking anyone who clicks to the link to authorize them by taking control over the account especially on the trend hash-tags. The way they use to get the account authorization by twitting on trend hash-tag posting sex picture, then the user click on that picture and the app will ask to confirm their age to watch the content, the page has YouTube logo and link will redirected you to watch it. Then by giving your age is a conformation for them that you are subscriber and the user has no idea that he/she is been subscriber at all. Also, Many users have been complaining about that because this app is posting these kinds of inappropriate tweets from their account and when the users are trying to delete this tweet, it reposts again automatically because the user already subscribed. Here is the link:
When anyone subscribed this API automatically follow two account I have website who link to this API and they have more and API
Could you please help me to stop this API


You can report applications that you suspect of causing problems or violating Twitter API policies on our Platform Support form. Thank you.