Twitter api java ro c++


I need to use twitter api to answer my question >> if i have user x and y. The qus is how long x follows y?

:frowning: plz plz plzzz help me i dont know how to start!!! using java or c++ … i’m absolute beginner!!!

i need to build a very simple code using either netbeans for java OR dev for c++.

I need a good tutorial with a lot of examples.

PLZZZZ Help me ASAP :_(


The date/time a following relationship was established between two users isn’t available from the API.

Many Java developers find it easiest to use twitter4j with the API:


Thanksss :slight_smile:

One more question plzzz …
to generate OAuth keysss, they ask for website url!! from where can i get it? cuz i’m building simple java application not web application!


Plz i need help :_(



Should i have to use json to build my code? or just twitter4j?