Twitter API: how to see the output


Hi folks,

I have a question about the use of Twitter API. In particular, what interests me is how to see the output results by “web query”.This target can be reached in a very simple way with Facebook API, in fact there it’s possible to monitor any author we want (for example a Twitter newspaper’s account like “Corriere della Sera”) and to get the output on your browser. See the following example:{message%2Cdescription%2Ccreated_time%2Clink}&access_token=CAAFovSylhxUBAOv7iWHC2blrqSEVBFTG64uDjoZCuoAPJ7W6sLH6A0L95lmT8MQjQ6D.

I’m looking for something like this with Twitter. I created all the necessary keys (the Consumer_Key, the Consumer_Key_Secret to enter the OAuth protocol, and the Access_Token & Access_Token_Secret to log in to see the graph Twitter data).
Could someone help me by suggesting some possibile solutions? I’d definitely find useful if you’ll be able to indicate me another ways to see the output, too. My final gol is to create an RSS Feed from any Twitter account, in order to keep monitoring any author I’m interested in.

Thanks in advance.

Jacopo (Italy :it: )