Twitter Api for VB6 developers


We are experts in statistical analysis.
We would like to take advantage of the development tool VB6 ,not VB.NET!

Really want to know how I can be supported with a Twitter API library for vb6 developers
,not a ASP.NET Twitter API library TwitterVB , not a VB.NET Twitter API library !


I’m not aware of any pure VB libraries that handle OAuth & HTTP (all you really need) or abstract both for Twitter specifically. It’s likely you’ll need to use some form of .NET if you want to program this in VB6.

You might find yourself better off obtaining the data you need using a more modern language and then processing and analyzing the data in VB6 where you are more comfortable.


Thank you very much for your profound views!

I’d like to share with tweeterians the new analysis and informations in the shortest time, with multiple thoughts, but unfortunately there’s not so much time.

At the end of the model of analysis I want to open good information site.
So analysis model can be hopefully created through VB6
if any, awaiting someone who helps to find methodology!


We have already created the information site using PHP.
Before opening the site, we need to make batch programming for statistical analysis, and if possible I want to take advantage of VB6.
Please help!


I can’t really help with my limited knowledge of VB6 programming.

If it’s random data that you need so that you can use your knowledge of VB6 to analyze the data without having to worry about opening HTTP connections and performing complex OAuth authorization operations in VB6, I recommend using the command line curl utility to capture tweets from the sample hose:


Pipe the output of that to a file and leave the connection open for a few hours, you’ll be streamed a random sampling of 1% of the public statuses in the Firehose. You could then perhaps use this VB6 JSON parser to read that data and then move on to your next steps of analysis.