Twitter API failure


Why am I getting this message? I have entered all of the oauth codes in their proper places but it will not accept them in my Word Press Plugin admin.

401: Error 32, Could not authenticate you
Error: Failed to validate oauth signature and token

Name: *
Your application name. This is used to attribute the source of a tweet and in user-facing authorization screens. 32 characters max.

I made a random name here!!

Description: *
Your application description, which will be shown in user-facing authorization screens. Between 10 and 200 characters max.

Made a random description here!!

Website: *
Your application’s publicly accessible home page, where users can go to download, make use of, or find out more information about your application. This fully-qualified URL is used in the source attribution for tweets created by your application and will be shown in user-facing authorization screens.
(If you don’t have a URL yet, just put a placeholder here but remember to change it later.)

I named my target website here (the one I want the tweets to be displayed on), I also tried using the Twitter page address here; neither way worked!!

Callback URL:
Where should we return after successfully authenticating? For @Anywhere applications, only the domain specified in the callback will be used. OAuth 1.0a applications should explicitly specify their oauth_callback URL on the request token step, regardless of the value given here. To restrict your application from using callbacks, leave this field blank.

Left this blank!!

This does not seem like it should be complicated but it sure as hell is not working, any ideas??