Twitter API Data restrictions... is this scenario possible?


Hi I am about to start a twitter development project and it seems like I can’t get very clear answers from the documentation. So I will just like to ask whether the API allows the following:

  1. Get all users that have retweeted a tweet.
  2. Get all followers of a particular user.

Essentially what I want to do is to get a retweet, find all users that have retweeted it and how those are related to the person that had originally tweeted it. If B is not a follower of the originator… could it be that a person B that he follows is a follower of the originator of the tweet and B retweeted it so A eventually saw it?

Thanks in advance for any response.


Getting users that have retweeted a Tweet is best done with [node:5850], the data is not directly available in the REST API. [Node:9700] will get you the retweet_count but not the Users.

To get the followers of a user see [node:10364].