Twitter API concurrent requests limit



I have an application which allows users to schedule their tweets. These tweets are tweeted on the users profile. Now we want to implement analytics and I would like to know what is the limit of concurrent requests I can send to the API to get the like & retweet count. So assume a user has tweeted 500 tweets in a month, next month the user would like to see the analytics of those 500 tweets published from our application. The application will send 500 GET requests together to the API, is this fine? Also, there will be multiple users using this feature, so in a day the requests rate will be 10K+, is this fine?


Can anyone help me on this?


So there is no one who can reply to my query? The reason I am worried is because I don’t want my app to get rejected because of high requests.


I’m not able to answer in terms of the concurrency you’re describing. So long as your app respects the API call rate limits, in theory there is no issue here (although using the standard API to try to get these values is not going to be the best experience for end users - you’d be better using the commercial Engagement API which would provide richer information similar to what the user can see on I’d expect some HTTP queueing to occur if you attempted to make 500 simultaneous requests - and you would be better using GET statuses/lookup to make five calls, with 100 Tweet IDs in each, rather than using statuses/show/:id to get them all individually.