Twitter API Application Name Issue


Hi Team,

This is in regard to the problem of wrong application name of twitter API for ‘Debatooo’ . As of now, we are unable to take the name ‘Debatooo’ at the time of creating a new application on as it says-‘Debatooo is already taken for Name’. Therefore, we are unable to find email id or Username associated with API name ‘Debatooo’. Kindly look into the matter as early as possible and guide us accordingly.

For reference to the said problem: Please find the attachments.

Email Id in android app

Please clarify what you are attempting to achieve.

  • If you are trying to register a new Twitter app then you will need to find a unique name to label it on Twitter.
  • if you are trying to identify the owner of the existing app with this name, this is not possible for user privacy reasons. If you have lost access to an account or application you can use our support forms to request assistant.

Please do not comment on unrelated threads to request assistance, this is unhelpful.