Twitter API 1.1 OAuth fails with 401 on all our sites



We have several sites running on different servers that use the REST API v1.1 to pull tweets from different account timelines. The client code is written in both php and .net. As from Wednesday according to log files, all of these api calls on every site began to fail with a 401 error.

Have there been any changes to the API at all? is anyone else experiencing this issue?


No change that I know of that would cause this. Any time drift on any of the servers? That can sometimes cause auth issues.

Are you able to use the same tokens on any other machines to perform API queries?



The issue occurs on our local machines, dev and live servers as well as sites using managed hosting. They were all working fine up until the last couple of days. It’s a shot in the dark but would Wednesday’s ‘leap second’ have had any effect? I’m at a bit of a loss to explain but don’t think it’s anything specific to us, otherwise it wouldn’t have failed on so many different setups.




Definitely agree it sounds odd.

Are the keys / tokens you are using from more than one account / app?

At this stage I’m trying to think through troubleshooting steps rather than offering solutions… any idea whether a new set of keys and tokens work from a local setup?


Hi Andy,

I’ll give that a go. Yes the keys and tokens are from different accounts.