Twitter API 1.1 for .Net To get data


We use to gather information on the MSBI related stuff from below link using .net;

Code in .net

myxmlreader = XmlReader.Create(Connections.Connection.ConnectionString);
        myfeed = SyndicationFeed.Load(myxmlreader);

oreach (var item in myfeed.Items)
                String TwitterID = item.Id.ToString();
                String TwitterFeed = item.Title.Text;
                String TwitterDate = item.PublishDate.DateTime;
                String AuthorDetails = item.Authors[0].Email;


Move data to SQL table, data mine and report on the table.

But it don’t work anymore; I know we need to use Oauth as old API is no more valid;

How do I achieve same behavior with new API in .net; Sample .net code would be helpful