Twitter Android App twitter://user?screen_name= URL Scheme issue



I would like to report a potential Twitter Android App (version 5.92.0) bug I am encountering while coding my Android app. If this is not the right forum, please let me know where I can report it.

I am using the following URL scheme to call the local Twitter Android App and request a certain user (Arsenal is the sample user name I am using).


This works from my IOS app but on Android it checks the Local Data Storage for the user and if it doesn’t find it I get a “User Not Found” error message.

I am certain of this because when I use the Twitter Android App to search for the user and find it, the next time I do a “twitter://user?screen_name=Arsenal” call it works. If I clear the Twitter Android app data and try the call again, I get “User Not Found” again.

This seems like a definite bug to me so I wanted to confirm/report. Any suggestions?


Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately we can’t provide direct support for our Android or iOS apps here, but I’ll pass the report along. We also don’t document or support URL schemes for the apps at this time.