Twitter analytics



How to export twitter analytics data (.csv) through code ?


There is no API for this.


I want to access ‘media view’ of my tweet. How can i access it via writing code? I have searched on twitter api console but got nothing.


Is this related to a card from the Twitter Ads platform, or to a regular Tweet with an image attachment?

  • if you have a promoted Tweet with a website or other card attached, this information is available in the Ads API.
  • if you have a regular Tweet with image or video attached, this information is part of the commercial Gnip Engagements API.
  • otherwise, you can use the web interface to access this information. There is no specific API to access the data via this route.


Thanks andypiper for help. It is very helpful. I am looking for Gnip Engagements API type solution.


In that case you can learn more on the Gnip site (Gnip is part of Twitter). Thanks.