Twitter Analytics API


Hello guys!
I’m here because I need to take a question regarding access to data for analysis.
Anyway, I would help to understand what api can retrieve information such as:

  • · Impressions;
  • · Promoted Impressions;
  • · Followers;
  • · Likes;
  • · Promoted Likes;
  • · Retweets;
  • · Promoted Retweets;
  • · Interactions;
  • · Promoted Interactions;
  • · Following;
  • · Responses;
  • · Paid responses;
  • · All Clicks (URL Promoted URL, etc.);
  • · Tweet;
  • · Country;
  • · Period;
  • · Account Name;
  • · Tweet URL.

Can someone help me?
Thank you!
I’m waiting for an answer.


Some of these are available from the Ads API (in the case of promoted Tweets); some of them are available from the commercial Gnip Engagements API. Clearly, some of these values (account name, Tweet URL, Followers/Following) are available on the standard public API related to user accounts or individual Tweets.


On the use of ads API, can you give me some examples of request for each item?

Now I’m going through this same problem this link:

We cadastramos our account and already have twitter email saying that our application was approved.
But I keep getting this api answer:

“{” Errors “: [{” code “:” UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION “,” message “:” The client application making this request does not have access to this API “}],” request “: {” params ": {}} } "

Can you help me with this?
Thank you!


(moving to the Ads API category in case someone there is able to assist)



You would need to paste your App ID for us to investigate the status of permissions - I would recommend to double check that you are using the correct App ID that got approval and also to first set up access with twurl by following the tutorial contained within twurl to hit




Here is the company’s account id in which we use for communication.
Do you need a Consumer Key (API Key) ?
Here is details:
Account: @bbi_empower_me
App id: bbi_twitter_api
Even, we need to use this same account to access data from other twitter accounts: our customers.
What will you do to link these accounts to this master account?

Thank you!
I await answer!


Hi @saulo_mmartins ,

You should of been whitelisted on 7/11!