Twitter Analyitcs


Twitter Analytics - The twitter blog said it would be out by now, but I can’t find it. Is it released? How do I access it?


Sorry, this isn’t available yet – turns out it’s taking longer than originally planned to ready for wider use.


We all are looking forward to good news about launch TWA.)


We hope, too.


Add me to the list of patiently waiting :slight_smile:


Olá, me add aí!!!


I want it, plz add me to the list.



Very interested in this app. Need this asap


it would be great to have twitter analytics!


Me and my company we like to test this function if possible !

@melty_fr ; @fan2fr


so when will it be revealed?
can’t wait…


Any update?


I have had it for some time now and use it a lot. Not sure why or how i have it, but i do. I can do screenshots if anyone interested.


One day we’ll see it too @MattNavarraUK


I surely can’t wait! @support any ideas about timings? @MattNavarraUK I would like to see some screenshots! #Thanks


When will Twitter Analytics be available? I expect Twitter Analytics to do for social media managers what Google Analytics did for website owners. C’mon! Empower us Twitter!


@MattNavarraUK I would love to see a screen shot. Thank you in advance.


@MattNavarraUK HOW did you get it? Would love to see a screen shot!


Any update? Let us know if it’s already out there!!


I need thissssss!