Twitter advanced search problems


For months, Twitter advanced search is not returning results like it should. Searches with Twitter handle and hash tag works for some handles and not others, even though the accounts are active and actually tweeting the hashtags.

One user has had success getting twitter support to clear their Twitter cache but in most cases Twitter support is only sending automated massages and not helping.

Any suggestions on how to get his fixed? Computer cache has been cleared, browsers are up to date and happens in multiple browsers. Accounts are active and in good standing. Not sure how else to get support on this.


Any example searches? Is it the same behaviour on the API & Advanced search on the web?


Not all users are guaranteed to be indexed in search. If this is an API issue then it is likely that they are not in the search index, but you’re welcome to provide code examples in the REST API forum. If this is a website issue, then you’ll need to continue to request help via Support, as we cannot provide help for those issues via these developer forums. Thanks.