Twitter_Ads ruby gem


Hello, I just wanted to make you know that we’ve just release a first version of our Twitter_Ads ruby Gem, mainly focused on managing tailored audience, available here:

Please feel free to provides comments and feedback…


Great we were about to build one, will be checking it out shortly


I think Brandon Black also had a pre alpha one did that code go somewhere or is it no longer usable ?


The Brandon Black one seems to be empty for now. That’s also an open question for us, we are not sure if we need to invest more time to cover completly TwitterAds if Twitter plan to do it in the next(but when?) weeks


@tomsoft Thanks for your work on this!

We (Twitter) will be working on a comprehensive gem quite soon :grinning: . Feel free to cooardinate with @brandonmblack.


@ciberch Hello Monica! :blush: small world!

@tomsoft thanks a ton for sharing this! I love the eagerness to contribute back to the community. Hugely awesome of you.

To answer the questions from you both we’re currently just squatting on that gem name and we don’t have a version ready for use yet. However, it’s literally just around the corner.

As I’ve communicated already on a few other threads in the forums here, we have officially supported SDKs for Ruby, Python and Java coming out this month. We’re cranking on all of them right now, but Ruby will be first and I’ll likely push a new pre-release gem you can start using as early as end of next week.

Later at the start of Q3 we’re planning to tackle official C# and Node.JS SDKs. Additionally we’ll be exploring the addition of some “community extensions” to add deeper integration with a few popular frameworks (eg. Celluloid, Sidekiq, ActiveRecord).

With all these we’ll also be releasing a full suite of cross platform behavior tests that define how an SDK should behave in case you wanted to build your own or implement an SDK in a language we’ve chosen not to support officially. We’ll be regularly updating both the SDKs and our independent test suite with new features and changes as they release in the API.

This will all be available on Github under an MIT license and we’re really looking forward to having members of the community like yourselves help contribute and maintain them.

Stay tuned here in the forums! We’ll kick of a release thread in the coming weeks and you can follow along there.

Is there any Php Library with Ads Api Support?

Small world indeed
pre release gem would be uber helpful, can’t wait!


@brandonmblack do you have an ETA for the pre release gem access ?
We need to get started asap, thanks !


echoing what @ciberch said, would love a chance to test out the twitter-ads gem. any updates?


Any word on the Twitter-Ads specific ruby gem? Definitely interested in this topic and would like to hear from Twitter officially as to the progress made with this. We’d love to use it preferably ASAP :slight_smile: