Twitter ads endpoint to check how many tokens left?



We’re on the “Basic” level of the Twitter ads api (only 15 connected tokens allowed) - is there an endpoint to check how many tokens have already been used?


Hi @obscyuriy,

There is unfortunately no endpoint at the moment to check this, but I can help check for you! Can you provide either you company name or App ID you are using?


8606602, thank you! p.s. is there a place in the UI? didn’t see that either


Hi @obscyuriy,

There is currently no self serve way to check on active token count yet, but we are working on it!

As for you application ID, the one you provided isn’t the right one, but I was able to look up the app with Ads API access under the same company name. You should be at 6 active tokens.


thanks, appreciate it!

what happens when we hit the 15 token limit? will the first-activated tokens be invalidated? will the 16th token fail authentication? is there a way for us to invalidate specific (or all) tokens?


The 16th token will fail authentication. The user will see a message like “this application can no longer authenticate more accounts” or something along those lines. You can only invalidate tokens that you own, so say if you had some developer accounts authed in, you can tell the owners of those accounts to go to and revoke access to your application. You can’t do this to users you don’t have access to.
Hope that answers your question!


it does, thanks so much!