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I was wondering if the picture avatar of a twitter ads account was available from the apis. Right now it is not documented (I looked in

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@alex_coppens the Ads API doesn’t have this specifically, but you can easily fetch this from the public Rest API. You can call GET /users/show for the advertiser’s Twitter handle and use the profile_image_url to get to that image.

Related Documentation:


@brandonmblack ok I gave it a shot. I got it half-working. I cannot get the screen_name from the accounts endpoint in the Ads API and I need it for 'get/users/show (passing account_id as the user_id is not working). It only works when I use the name given that the name and screen_name are the same. Any suggestions?


You basically have two options:

  1. Explicitly as your user for their Twitter handle when they are going through the flow to authorization your application (eg. in your sign-up process).

  2. There’s no concept of a primary Twitter user for a given ads account, but you could infer the user ID by using the “FULL” promotable user on the account. Only one “FULL” promotable user is allowed on an ads account.

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Alright, the second option works for us. Would that be a permanent solution or a temporary one?