Twitter Ads API


We got accepted for a Twitter Ads API account, but when signing up, used an app id associated with a handle different than this account. When attempting to access the Ads API using that APP ID, we get a forbidden error message. After some reading it appears the app id needs to come from the same handle as the account signing up. Is it possible to change the APP ID associated with our application to one created under this handle? If so, we’d like it changed to this APP ID “14022214”. Thanks.


Of course! You are all set.


Hi, we’re still getting FORBIDDEN error when attempting to call Ads Api endpoints using an auth’d user for APP ID=14022214. The same credentials used work when accessing the normal api. Is there something I’m missing?


Did you re-authenticate to the app or are you using existing tokens? Note that this app is now at the developer level of access for the Ads API as requested, so you’ll only be able to have 5 tokens in total.


These were new tokens. I only tried 2 accounts total.


Got it working. Ty very much for all your help.