Twitter ads api



How to get Campaign analytics such as
"follows" ,“app_clicks”, “retweets”, “likes” ,“engagements” , “clicks”, “card_engagements”, “url_clicks” “billed_engagements”,“impression” ???


You can use Engagement API which is a paid product.

But I think, Analytics is best option for non-commercial work. You can easily view your tweet activity. Here’s an example of a video tweet,

Hope it helps. I’ll look forward to your reply.
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any non paid service to get campaign analysis?


Yes, Analytics. I said in the previous reply :slight_smile:.


any example to get anaytics in java?


You can get your analytics from In case of getting analytics in Java or something like that, I think @andypiper can help you more.


Hey @BSDarandale1111 we have a complete guide to retrieving analytics at Please thoroughly check that, and I strongly encourage you to learn to use the twurl command line tool which allows you to both test the API in a stable way and post Qs in a common interface.