Twitter Ads API returning different numbers from that visible in UI



Account Id: 18ce548q0fi
Campaign Id: 5sabw

Stats shown in UI:
Impressions: 67,865
Link Clicks: 830

When fetching the same stats using the twitter ruby ads sdk:
impressions: [0, 30041, 13502]
url_clicks: [0, 69, 30]
clicks: [0, 225, 96]
These values are for date: 23, 24 and 25 Aug (In UTC).
I fetched the stats for the promoted tweet and even those are under-reported. Am I missing some parameter while making the call?

Actual call made:

TwitterAds::Campaign.stats(twitter_account, ["5sabw"], [:ENGAGEMENT, :BILLING, :WEB_CONVERSION], { start_time: start_time, end_time: end_time, granularity: :day })


Hi @AdWyze,

That campaign is also performing on TAP?


Oh yes, by adding those two numbers, I get the correct count! In UI the two engagement numbers are not shown differently?