Twitter Ads API Javascript SDK


We are trying to use Twitter Ads API in our NodeJS application, however i can’t seem to find any official or third-party API wrapper. I read somewhere twitter had planned to release an official javascript library for Ads API in Q3 which seems to have passed already.

Any directions in this regard will be helpful.


We don’t currently have a node SDK for the Ads API, however it is in our list of things to do.

For the time being we have an officially supported Ruby SDK.


Do you have an expected ETA on the Javascript SDK?


Also very interested in this, and potentially willing to pitch in if there is any need for outside help, at least for the portion of the API that’s relevant to us. Our team has contributed to Node wrappers for a few other APIs in the past.


We are prioritizing a couple of other languages ahead of Node at the moment, mostly because these are more widely used in conjunction with the Ads API based on our research.

Thanks for your willingness to help @bmoeskau - once we start work on this, everything will be open source and available on GitHub with plenty of issues that we would love the community to get involved with!


I have already started writing a wrapper for the API. Will be putting it up for the open source community once i have a basic version working.


NPM module here:

It’s just a basic wrap of the API. Please let me know if you find any issues with it, The source is on github.

@andrs Can we get this listed on the Twitter libraries page?


I have fixed a few issues i found using this module, i am planning on adding more features to this module over the week. I am also going to add a more reasonable README hopefully in the coming days. If anyone here wants to contribute to this project, feel free to submit a pull request at github.

Thanks for your support.


Thanks @tal_asad - could you drop me a line via e-mail (andreas at twitter dot com) so we talk about the work you are doing to see if there is scope for us to help build this as opposed to start writing our own in the future? :smile: