Twitter Ads API Java SDK (twitter4j-ads) support for version 3


Hi there,

As you know all partners and developers are “invited” to migrate to v3 of the Ads API as soon as possible, and by 2018-08-01 v2 of the Ads API will be turned off.

Could someone please clarify if a new version of the twitter4j-ads library will be released to support the Twitter ADS API v3 before the 2018-08-01 deadline?

It would be great if a new version of the Java SDK supporting v3 could be released with enough time to make a proper migration.

Many thanks in advance,


Hey Luis,

Good news is that we have some contributors who are interested to help launch the version 3 support, and I feel like between the # of people we have lined up to help contribute there should be enough open source support to make continuous improvements to it (which was part of the reason we were pushing for this open source strategy).

It may take a few more weeks but please keep an eye on the repo and also feel free to contribute. We can definitely help if there are confusing things during the implementation process and try to speed it up, but in general the Java SDK (and the PHP one) are mostly community supported and I hope to coordinate as much help and assistance for them as we can.




Hi John,

It’s great to hear you have some contributors supporting the launch of twitter4j-ads for version 3, and do really appreciate your involvement in this release as you have already done in the past with previous versions.

But honestly, in my modest opinion, the greatest news would be Twitter assumed the ownership of the different languages SDKs, the same way Google, Microsoft and Facebook have always done with theirs respective APIs. This way the community of developers could start working with the latest SDKs versions about the same time the new API versions are communicated and launched. This could really make the life of the developer ecosystem a lot easier:

  • They could perfectly schedule the required upgrade activities.
  • They could avoid the uncertainty around whether there would be continuity for the SDKs library every time a new version is launched.
  • They could avoid the uncertainty around when the new SDK version will be available and if it will be available before the deadline.
  • They could rely on the quality of the released SDKs, an skip unpleasant last minute problems like the namespace conflict between twitter4j-core and twitter4j-ads, that was recently solved.

It is clear to me that the “community supported” approach hasn’t been your decision, but wanted to take this opportunity to express my opinion about it. This really makes a big difference between Twitter and the rest. Advertising is key part of the game, and providing the best tools to analyze and justify the investments in advertising should also be treated as a key part of the game too.

Many thanks,