Twitter Ads API Integration With C# Application



I started develop C# application which is integrated with twitter Ads API. This application mainly create campaigns, allocate campaign budget, and publish promoted tweets. But unfortunately I couldn’t find any C# SDK for Ads API. Can any one help me to find find C# API and any guidance to develop C# application with Ads API ?

Thank you …

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I don’t think a .net SDK is on the agenda, for time being we are writing our own c# API as we go.

Maybe we can share ideas!

C#/.Net Library which Supports TON APi

I believe that TweetinviApi was looking to add Ads API support to tweetinvi. Not sure on the status of that, but likely could use some PRs from the community!

cc @TweetinviApi


Thanks for the heads up. I couldn’t wait for that though as I had to get a .net API written to complete my Twitter Ads API challenge submission! :slight_smile:


@SocialOpinions @Spotdirect_dev

Hello guys, if you intend to write a Twitter API for Ads, I would be glad to include you in the project.
Tweetinvi is currently focused on bringing the library to .NET Core and to add few improvements but you are welcome if you want to contribute to the project.

The library already provide many tools that you will be able to reuse to make the development of the Ads library very easy.




I’m interested in contributing to the project, how can I go about this?




@SocialOpinions You can come on or and we can discuss this :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ve signed up and dropped in a message :slight_smile:


We use tweetsharp to do all of what you are asking for.


@SocialOpinions thanks, I have replied to you on private channel on gitter.

@dwillis Tweetsharp has not been updated since 2013 and I do not remember that it supports the Ads API.


@TweetinviApi - I have replied on Gitter.