Twitter Ads API has stopped returning certain metrics: Likes, retweets, replies for single organic posts



We’ve noticed that the Twitter insights API has stopped returning data for the following metrics for single organic posts.

  • likes
  • retweets
  • replies

While it is continuing to pull data for impressions and engagements, the fact that is cannot pull the other metrics causes all kind of calculation errors like negative engagement/impressions over time for us.

For now, we have had to revert the code back to using the public data for those metrics but we’d like to know if we can ask someone from the twitter support to get some info about this.

This is an example of API data


This is the API call url



@EmilyPulsarPlatform - Thank for the inquiry, I am looking into the issue and will get back to you when I have more information.


@EmilyPulsarPlatform - Closing this issue out, we have fixed our backend to return organic metrics again.