Twitter Ads API First time Developer Experience


Hi everyone,

I just got access to Twitter Ads API and my app has been whitelisted as well. However, in the main page (, I am being asked to fill up the form again.

If I have received access and whitelist, why am I being asked to fill the questionnaire again? Is this a bug or does the whitelisting take time to activate?


Hi @psuedorandom - Just looked into this and there looks like there is an error in our access controls. I’m following up with the relevant teams here.

You don’t need to do anything else - we need to resolve the issue on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience!


@psuedorandom ok - try it now and let me know what you see.


HI @jillblaz

Thanks for looking into this but the issue is still there: Please find the screehshot along with the time stamp.

My twitter handle = @ZenMarketingHQ


Oh - we don’t whitelist group/corporate handles for documentation access (for security purposes, we want to be able to grant and revoke access individually.)

Try accessing the docs on your @psuedorandom account.


Yep did that as well and it shows the same thing. Note that I moved the app to corporate account upon request from Twitter.


@psuedorandom - that screen shot is what you should be seeing. The docs can be accessed through the left menu.

Yes, the API key must be registered to a corporate account but the doc access is restricted to non-corporate accounts.


Got it. Sorry - didn’t see the whole thing before uploading. Thanks for help


Looks like I’m having the same problem. Can we please have these accounts whitelisted for access to the ads docs?




Hi @fjania - Yep, we’re aware of the access issues with these usernames. In this case, it’s not a bug - the process for granting access is convoluted, unfortunately. I will reach out with an update when your access has been granted.


Hey @jillblaz - Any progress on getting us access to the docs?


@fjania You should be all set now!


Checking it out @jillblaz - It looks like I might only have access to the “read” section of the API docs? e.g.

The first link in the targeting documentation points to the write api for setting targeting, but I’m unauthorized to view it.

The page for “get” for that same endpoint works just fine though -

Access to Tailored Audiences POST endpoints articles

Hi @fjania - Happy to help. We have a policy to not discuss account permissions on the forum. If you have additional questions, please DM me directly @mnengle. Thanks, Michael


Hi, we’re having a similar issue at Gallop Labs. We sent an email about it and were told to post on the forums.

We can access the API fine, and read almost all the documentation, except for the articles for POST / PUT / DELETE endpoints in the campaign section. They give an access denied message.

(The endpoints themselves work fine, we are able to publish campaign objects in the sandbox.)

Any advice?




Hi @Will_Parker,

Sorry about that - try accessing those docs now and let me know if you are still unable.


Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to see these docs. Maybe it’s because I’m registered as a different name on Twitter (@Will_Park_IAM) as on this forum?

Can read:

Can’t read:



Your company provided us with a list of usernames that we whitelisted for access to the relevant docs. You will only be able to access the docs when you are logged into those usernames. @Will_Park_IAM is on that list, @Will_Parker is not.

Would you like me to swap those out?


Sorry for ambiguity, I am indeed signed in as @Will_Park_IAM when reading the docs. I can read most of them, including the two above, and also:

Yes: (creative writes) (audience writes)

And “yes” to campaign management reads, but “no” to campaign management writes (POST / PUT / DELETE).

And again, the actual API works fine so far in our development, it’s the docs that are restricting us. Thanks again for the help. I’m happy to make whatever personal account changes you need.



Hi @Will_Parker,

Before this morning, there was an error in the configuration of your company’s permissions. That has been fixed now and I just tested the permissions myself with a test account and was able to access

Can you please ask another member of your team to attempt to access that page? Clearing cache may help as well.