Twitter ads Api - fetch impressions and enggagements at Audience level


I was trying to fetch fields like clicks, impressions, Spend/Cost etc. for each audience id from Twitter API. I tried several endpoints but not able to get the required data.Also, Is this possible to fetch these fields for audiences.


Hi @ashima_sood,

I don’t think it’s possible through our Analytics APi.


@jrsyo Thank you or this info. Can you please tell me if there is some other way than analytics api, to fetch these fields.


Hi @ashima_sood,

There is no way to pull analytics on the tailored audience level, but assuming you separate your audiences into different line items, you can pull stats on the line items and then do the aggregations on your end based on audiences used. You can also take a look at our segmentation to see if that helps you.

Recap on our metrics and segmentation:


Ok! I’ll try doing that. Thank you soo much.