Twitter Ads API can't do anything in sandbox mode



When I tried creating campaign via Ad API, getting account by id, getting funding instruments in sandbox mode, I got {:code=>“INTERNAL_ERROR”, :message=>“Internal Error”}.

Only one thing I can do in sandbox mode is get /accounts.


mypc$ twurl -H /0/accounts/gq10eu
{"errors":[{"code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","message":"Internal Error"}],"request":{"params":{}}}



@tbarslas sorry you’re running into this. Can you confirm a few things for me?

Please provide:

  • The user handle you’re testing with.
  • The application ID or consumer key for the twitter app you made this request with.


the User is my account :
or screen_name : @tbarslas

ConsumerKey of twitter app is : vOzfihY4O71uSjsGsLI7Yd4o5



Same problem here.

user: @httpoollabs2
consumer key: q81tnWLqArSwbT0AU2TsMI5tD


@Jancic_A I’m unable to locate your app at all by the consumer key you provided and you don’t appear to have any associated with your account.

@tbarslas I’m unable to locate your app as well with the consumer key you provided. I do see 3 apps associated with your user account, but none of them have Ads API access.

The Ads API is not an open program just yet. You have to apply for access. Have you both applied and been accepted into the Ads API partner program?

  • If so, let’s try looking these apps up via the app ID. You can get the app ID from the URL when you’re looking at your app on

  • If you haven’t applied for access, you can do so here.

  • If you’ve applied but haven’t been accepted yet, hold tight and the team reviewing applications will get to you as soon as they can.


Hm. Don’t bother, now is working. It’s seems that it was just one day hitch :smile:


@Jancic_A I have similar thoughts. @brandonmblack Thank for helping me. :laughing:


@Jancic_A @tbarslas thanks for the updates. This issue wasn’t access related at all. I dug into it more yesterday and there was an issue with the database in the sandbox that cause a short outage for some developers. Apologies you were impacted by this, but it should all be resolved now.