Twitter Ads API Analytics - data discrepancies



I am successfully running a query to grab analytics data from the API, but the result of impressions is slightly lower to what I is reported in the Twitter Ads dashboard. The URL being queried is:

And the result for daily impressions (derived) is reported as follows (dashboard results in brackets):

4311 (4366)
3797 (3847)
5612 (5643)
4143 (4184)
3657 (3810)
3023 (3220)

I’m not sure why this is happening. I have confirmed the derived metric is the sum of promoted_tweet_search_impressions, promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions and promoted_tweet_profile_impressions. I have also looked through all other metrics to try to find the missing data but there doesn’t seem to be anything there.


Hi @Supermetrics! Be sure that in the left menu in the Ads UI it’s selected what it should be.

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@Supermetrics can you provide the full twurl API call and the full Twitter Ads UI URL for the data you’re comparing?

For more info, please see: