Twitter Ads API , About Developer Access



I recently applied to Ads API Developer Access.

I tried request for twitter-Ads API Developer Access but got an error.

twurl -H /1/accounts/

{“errors”:[{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“The client application making this request does not have access to this API”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}

My app id : 13625583

Please check my app id.


It looks like you only created that app yesterday so I assume you only just applied for Ads API access. The team typically reviews requests for access a couple of times per week and you’ll receive an email when that is accepted (or rejected). Please be patient. Thank you.


Hi, andypiper.

Thank you for the response.
When is the scheduled completion date of the review?



I cannot tell you as I do not know the current load or backlog of the team. Please be patient. Thank you.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.


Hi Steave

I tried to give you developer access, but I don’t see your submission in our system. Can you resubmit from the link you have one more time?

Sorry for the trouble.



Is it OK to send it again from the form of the URL below?


Yes, it’s OK to resubmit from that URL. Thank you


I applied.
I’m sorry to trouble you, please check.
app id : 13625583

Thank you


@steave: Looks like you’re all set.


I submitted a request for Ads access on Mar 19 and didn’t get a response yet.
Can you please help.


Hi juanshishido

The request was successful.
Thank you very much.