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Generate Report for a particular Campaign with the Column name

Time Period, Card Name, Placement, Tweet Text , Campaign, Ad Group ID, Tweet status, Campaign Name, Ad Group name, Tweet ID, Impressions, Clicks, Link clicks, Likes, Retweets, Replies, Follows, Video views, Video view rate, Spend

The Report should be day wise breakdown structure.


Used ADS Analytics API to fetch the report. Followed with the metric group Engagement and Billing (,BILLING).

Working fine, but a lot of columns

like card name, tweet name, etc.

not available.

What Else Tried:

  1. Get the line items from an account ID (
    -> Get the tweet Id using PROMOTED_TWEETS API (
    -> Get the card_uri (
    -> Get the Card Name (


  1. Get the card name from card_uri not working. Issue “UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS”
  2. Even though I can able to fetch the tweet name and card name and another column, How to divide the impressions, engagements, retweets, etc as per the card name and tweet name?

Please provide your helping hands. Let me know if any more info required.



Please provide the actual account ID and all other IDs you’re requesting for. Without it we cannot tell what the access issue might be.


Hi Juan,

Thanks for this reply.