Twitter Add Developer Acces


Hello Twitter team, I’m working in a project that has Developer Acces (id of the app 83595XX). I m developing in sandbox an I use a test account that I have. When I acces to with my test account It appears a warning message

"@1Embudo: Trade restrictions

Being ineligible means that any active campaigns in your account promoting a user or its Tweets will no longer run. You can learn more about our Advertising Policies at For advertisers with authorization from the appropriate governing body wishing to promote financial services or gambling content, please visit us at and for more information."

The problem is that I always worked with sandbox. And every request I perform, like listing all campaigns , I get 500 ,internal error. I’m not understanding why I m having this trouble if I’m developing in a test enviroment like sandobox. Thank you


Hey there,

The issue is related to our advertising policy which you can have a look at here. This issue might be related to geo-narrowcasting.

You should also have a look at the two other links which are mentioned if at all relevant to your use case.